Amazing Kitchen Stuff You Can Use To Remove Coffee Stains

Coffee-lovers would agree that drinking coffee is the only thing that keeps them happy and active. A day is never complete, or even worth living, without that much needed caffeine boost that keeps them sane all day long. Having coffee on a daily basis gives a high probability of getting stains on our clothing, furniture, flooring, or even the coffee mug itself. See, coffee is that potent that it can leave a mark on other stuff, too.

Kidding aside, coffee smudges could ruin a rather beautiful day. Yet, the benefits of coffee overcomes this minor setback. In fact, coffee stains is not that hard to eliminate that even homemade concoctions straight out of your pantry can be a sure bet at vanishing the stains. Let’s take a look at what stuff works best at eliminating coffee stain.


baby wipes

Wet wipes are handy not only when you have a kid. A wet wipe can save you from the grimy feel of a hot day and provide cooling effects. More importantly, it is a great spot cleaner for almost anything. You can even use this when you spill coffee on your clothes or fabric. It can absorb both the coffee and the stain on the fabric with ease.

Club Soda

Carbonated water or club soda is another beverage that can assist in lifting off coffee stain. Use it to dampen the cloth that you will use to blot the stain and you will see the stain fade.


egg yolk

Egg Yolk to be precise. This protein-rich food is a surprising stain remover that can erase coffee spill stain on your carpet. Dab a bit of beaten egg yolk on the stain then leave it for a few minutes. The egg yolk will bond with the coffee stain making it easier to remove. After soaking the stain, rinse it thoroughly with water using a sponge.

Now, you have more than one trick off your sleeve to eliminate the nasty drips from your coffee cup.