Carpet Cleaning Tips for Coffee Houses

Cleaning the carpet of a commercial establishment like a coffee house isn’t like cleaning the carpets at home. At a coffee house, you will be dealing with potential stains from coffee, milk, syrup, chocolate, and even jelly and jam from pastries. All kinds of customers will be walking through your doors, tracking mud, water, rain, dirt, and dust across your carpet. The result is a mix of cleaning difficulties that might be better off left to a carpet cleaning professional.

While it is always advisable to hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your establishment’s carpets on a regular basis, you will still need to do your own cleaning in the interim. You simply cannot afford to wait the entire month before dealing with the worst of your carpet stains; else it might repel customers that look for cleanliness and hygiene in the coffee houses they patronize. Having large and unsightly stains on your carpeting may deliver precisely the wrong message.

Besides, any carpet cleaner will tell you that the longer you wait before dealing with a carpet stain, the more difficult it is to remove the stain. Not impossible, but notoriously difficult. If you do wait too long, you might end up having to pay extra for the services in dealing with those stubborn stains, if they could even be removed at all. But then again, what are you going to do in the interim, or in the days before you once again hire the services of your carpet cleaners? As efficient as they are, no coffee house will be able to afford the cost of daily cleaning services. It would make much more sense if your cleaning crew had a basic grasp of carpet cleaning principles so that they could deal with your establishment’s daily carpet cleaning needs, otherwise you might opt-in for professional cleaning services, go to atlanta carpet cleaning care website to find out how carpet cleaners can help you with the maintenance of hygiene in your establishment.

Here are a few tips for cleaning the carpets in a coffee house:

  • Make sure your cleaning staff is fully equipped with cleaning products and equipment, and that they have enough training and experience to deal immediately with spilled coffee and other food items that might leave unsightly stains on your carpet
  • You can minimize the amount of dirt, dust, mud, water, and other outdoor items that your customers might track in onto your carpets from the outside. Use entryway mats at your entrances that are thick and durable enough to handle all these substances, eliminating, or at least minimizing the chances that these might get onto your carpet
  • Maintain a regular or daily carpet cleaning schedule, preferably when there are no customers, such as near closing time after your customers have left, or you can simply hire the Peoria carpet cleaning company. Use carpet cleaning solution across the carpet, and after allowing it to set, clean up the solution along with the soil, dirt, and residue. Doing this after your customers have left will minimize the interruption to your business down to a minimum, while the cleaning can also be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Always deal with stains immediately to prevent them from becoming permanent stains on your carpet. Make sure that your cleaning staff is fully equipped with stain removers so that they can act quickly when necessary.