Cleaning Coffee Stain on Any Carpet Surface

wool carpetCoffee is a part of our daily ritual. It sends us out to face a new day with renewed focus and energy boost. But the opposite happens when we encounter coffee mishaps and spills it on our precious carpets.

We know that we should never let the stain dry out else it will be a blemish that will hunt us until professionally cleaned. But did you know that the type of carpet fiber also affects the way it resists stains? To understand this fully, let’s go down to the threads that make our carpet.


Wool is a natural fiber used making carpets. It is a durable natural fiber but tends to shed over time. It is also less stain-resistant due to its absorbent characteristic. As such, it is advisable to let professional cleaners handle this type of carpet to ensure gentle yet thorough cleansing. Wool carpets can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

So, what to do when wool carpet, unfortunately, meets with coffee? You should act with urgency. Grab a white paper towel and blot the stain from the outside going in. Then, damp a sponge in a mixture of one cup water with one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and one tablespoon spoon vinegar. Dab the moist sponge on the stain and then dry it with a clean white towel. Keep repeating the steps until the stain is gone.


Man-made fibers such as nylon and polyester are the most common materials used in carpets today. Carpets made from these fibers are found to be more durable and inexpensive. These type of mats are also treated to make it better at resisting stains.

If you accidentally spill coffee on your synthetic fiber carpet, you can blot it using just a small amount of dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Gently dab it on the rug until the smudge is no longer visible.

In both type of carpets, make sure that you rinse the solution from your carpet and not to over-saturate the fibers to prevent causing further damage. Dry the spot thoroughly as well to avoid odors and growth of molds.