Dealing With Coffee Stains on Your Car Carpet

coffee in carThe hustle and bustle of daily life make drinking your daily dose of coffee in your car inevitable. Unfortunately, aside from not enjoying your rushed coffee sips while driving, coffee spills are the biggest threat to the pristine condition of your vehicle. These consequences do not mean that you have to forgo your coffee while on the run. All you need to do is equip yourself with coffee spill survival skills in your car.

The Remedy

You would be surprised that a little coffee stain is not that hard to remove. Time is of the essence, so the best time to clean the stain is when it is still fresh. Gently dab, not rub, the coffee stain with a white paper towel or cloth to take in as much liquid a possible. You should pat the smudge from the outer rim going to the center to prevent it from spreading.

You can use mild dishwashing liquid diluted in water or water-vinegar solution to neutralize the stain. The added solution will make it easier to blot off the stain. Just do not forget to sponge the area with clean water to rinse off the soap or vinegar from the carpet.

If the spot is still visible, you can soak it in about a teaspoon of 3% solution hydrogen peroxide for about an hour. Then, rinse it off with some water using a sponge and blot again with white paper towel or cloth to dry.

You should keep your car door open to let the remaining moisture on the carpet to completely dry and for the odor to fade. You can use an air freshener to speed up the deodorizing process.


Now that you know how to spot clean a coffee stain on your car carpet, time to learn about prevention. Since we cannot avoid drinking coffee in the car, consider adding these accessories as staples in your vehicle.

First, a spill-proof container and sturdy car cup holder. Nothing can sabotage your coffee more than a shaky car cup holder and leaky cup. Ensure that your car cup holder fits your favorite coffee mug, tumbler, or paper cup like a glove to prevent spillage while you delight in your drink.

Next, you should install car floor mats. The mat is your first line of defense in protecting your carpet. Choose an ample-sized, and waterproof one for good measure.